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Our test marks

These days, consumers can choose between a variety of functional and similarly priced products. Quality and test marks don’t just increase confidence in a brand but can also trigger the decisive impulse to buy, especially if they come from a neutral and trustworthy test institute.

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The design

You have the choice

  • Landscape (54 × 27,8 mm)
  • Portrait (16,8 × 25 mm)
  • One or two keywords


You can choose between the following distinctions

  • Certified
  • Tested
  • Tested in Germany
  • Inspected

Free choice of keywords

You are the best judge of which product characteristics will appeal to your customers. Which is why you should decide what we test for you and which keywords should feature in the test mark. Decide for yourself whether you want to use one or two keywords.

QR code

Your customers can simply scan the QR code with a smartphone to access our certificate database.

Preferred Partnership

You can choose to advertise your close cooperation with the Hansecontrol Group in product quality testing with the “Preferred Partner” test mark.