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Seminars & training courses

Benefit from our knowledge and experience. As a reliable partner to business with a network of contacts in industry and national and international partners, we know the requirements of the market. All of which means that we guarantee that our seminars will be closely geared to your practical needs.In collaboration with our cooperation partners IBH (Institut für berufliche Hochschulbildung) and NimkarTek, we can also offer certified degree-level training as a quality manager and an online training tool for the cultivation of knowledge and further training within the chemical supply chain.

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Basic seminars and essential training

In our basic seminars, we convey essential knowledge for customers who are not familiar with the subject matter. With our focus on product safety, quality management, legal relevance and material science for textiles, we impart practical expertise that is also of interest to professionals entering the field from other disciplines.

Inhouse training courses

Those who prefer an individual training course can also put together their very own seminar tailored to their individual needs. We can also offer all the seminars in our program on your premises, with the option of training up to 20 participants at once.

Special training

Participants with basic knowledge can immerse themselves more deeply in the topics of product safety, quality management and material science for textiles in our special training courses, thereby enhancing their core skills in their daily work.

Info days

We invite a wide range of speakers to give presentations on current issues at our info days, which also offer a forum for participants to hold discussions and compare notes on their experience.

The seminar program 2021 will be published in the first quarter of 2021. Due to the corona pandemic, there are currently no seminars.

Certified quality management course

We will help you acquire up-to-date expertise in quality assurance so you will be well prepared to successfully tackle the competitive challenges.

In partnership with the IBH (Institut für berufliche Hochschulbildung) network organization, which oversees the operations of the University/Further Education (UFE) initiative, we offer a certified Quality Management course. 

Hermes Hansecontrol has since June 2015 been authorized as a testing center for internationally recognized university degree courses, including examinations. The higher education program was designed specifically for (aspiring) specialists and executives from companies.

Two modules impart business administration (QM) skills, and participants are also given an in-depth introduction to process-oriented quality management.

As a result, they acquire the skills needed to identify potential for improvement in companies, optimize processes, and prepare certifications, e.g. in accordance with ISO 9001.
On successful completion of the internationally standardized certificate examinations in both modules, they are awarded the “Quality Manager (Univ.)” certificate.

The courses are certified by the FIBAA, one of the leading international agencies for quality assurance in the higher education sector; up to six university credits (ECTS) can be awarded per course. Another advantage for participants is the ease with which the higher education program can be effectively combined with the participant’s daily working life. 

To the certified quality management course (german only)