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Safety on the go: New standards for bikes and e-mountain bikes

The bike market is on the move – electric power-assisted mountain bikes, for example, are currently in demand. They make cycling up slopes easier and even in flat terrain, the e-mountain bikes are winning over an increasing number of amateur athletes. With the increasing spread of so-called EPACs (electric power-assisted cycles), the issue of product safety has also shifted into focus. In May, two draft standards for e-mountain bikes as well as for the classification of bicycles and EPACs have been published. Commentaries from the market are currently being discussed at the European level.

1. DIN EN 17404:2019-07 – Draft – Bicycles – Electric power-assisted cycles – EPAC mountain bikes: In the future, this standard will define the benchmarks for off-road EPACs. The draft primarily refers to the standards EN 15194 and EN ISO 4210-2 for the mountain bike category. However, some framework tests will provide requirements that go beyond this.

2. DIN EN 17406:2019-06 – Draft – Classification of use of bicycles: In the future, classification in Europe shall also be standardized based on the American classification model. Thus, there will not be 4 categories as in EN ISO 4210-2 (CTB, MTB, children’s bikes and racing bikes) anymore, but 6 categories. They define a wide range of application areas and uses of bicycles and EPACs. The application of the safety standards for bicycles (EN ISO 4210) and EPACs (EN 15194) may overlap in this process.

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