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EU Notice: Energy Label for Vacuum Cleaners Is No Longer Permissible

In March 2019, the EU released a notice advising of the annulment of Regulation (EU) no. 665/2013 with regard to energy consumption labeling of vacuum cleaners. This notice advised of effects for suppliers and vendors.

Suppliers of vacuum cleaners are no longer allowed to market their products in the EU with the energy label as originally prescribed by the EU regulation. The following applies to stationary retail, distance selling and online retail: The energy label must no longer be displayed with vacuum cleaners and the product data sheet must no longer be made available to customers. References to the energy efficiency class of vacuum cleaners and the range of efficiency classes present on the label are no longer permitted in visual advertising or technical advertising material. Furthermore, suppliers must no longer enter the information regarding their vacuum cleaners referred to in Article 4 and Annex I of Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 of the European Parliament and Council (1) in the public part and conformity part of the product database.

The background is a court ruling according to which the test method for determining energy efficiency selected by the EU Commission does not reflect actual consumer behavior in a sufficiently accurate manner. This method only employed tests with empty vacuum cleaner bags.

The manufacturers and vendors should test their assortments and promptly adapt their labeling. After all, the State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine Westphalia (LANUV) stated that “the continued use of the vacuum cleaner label constitutes an offense and may also result in warnings initiated by competitors”. The court ruling does not, however, have any effect on the eco-design requirements for vacuum cleaners or the requirements for energy consumption labeling of other products.

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